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10' x 30' Sukkah Kit w/ Center 10' Door Opening - 3/4" Fittings for Sukkot - Free Shipping
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10’ x 30’ x 8’ White SUKKAH KIT
COMPLETE Without Pipe
 ~~ 3/4” FITTINGS ~~

  • Complete Kit(Tarp, Bungees & Frame Fittings) WITHOUT PIPE for creating a 30’ Wide x 10’ Deep x 8’ Tall Sukkah using 3/4” Heavy Duty (Galvanized Steel) fittings
  • Our 3/4” fittings have an inner diameter of 1”. Which works with 1” EMT pipe that has an outer diameter of 15/16”.

  • 2pcs – 2 Way Corner Fittings
  • 8pcs – 3 Way Flat Corner Fittings
  • 2pcs – 3 Way “T” Fittings
  • 4pcs – 4 Way Flat Edge Fittings
  • 135pcs – Ball Bungees
  • 2pcs – 8’ x 20’ White Poly Tarp (Approx. 7’6” x 19’6”)
  • 1pc – 8’ x 30’ White Poly Tarp (Approx. 7’6” x 29’6”)

  • 17pcs – 10’ pipe
  • 8pcs – 8’ pipe
Just purchase your 3/4” EMT pipe (electrical conduit) at your local hardware store

The bars on the top are 10' apart. If you need to put extra bars closer together for your s'chach please feel free to ask. It only takes 2 extra fittings for each pole you want to add.

 If you need something different such as mesh tarps instead of poly for air flow, a different color of tarp or even a specific size, please feel free to contact us.

We have Many different Kit sizes listed,
If you don’t see the size you need Please Contact Us

  • We carry a very complete line of 3/4", 1", 1 3/8" & 1 5/8" Canopy fittings
  • We also carry a huge inventory of Solid poly tarps and Mesh shade tarps in many colors and sizes.
  • Ball bungees in 6", 9", 11" & 13" are also available in different styles and colors.  
  • We do carry grommet kits and punches if additional holes are needed and pipe cutters if you need to change the length of your pipe.
  This is a NEW IMPORT Item

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